After studying art and textiles in the UK, I became a succesful fashion designer, a job I relished but eventually grew out of.

In 1998 I was on hiatus from my life and discovered far north Queensland; a place which quickly enrooted itself into my soul and I eventually became a resident of the area in 2004.

I was born in England and although it is my heritage, Australia is definately where my heart resides.

I have always found it easy to express myself creatively, this creativity is only enhanced by the lush tropical environment of Port Douglas. I am an enthusiastic Scuba diver and my work is heavily inspired by the reef environment, it’s unbridled beauty is impossible to match, but a permanent source of incredible inspiration.

As a textile designer I am always attracted to the complexity of textiles and yarn; and hold a desire to include them in many of my projects. Stitching onto oil paintings or sewing images together.

My eclectic combinations of artistic and craft techniques are a tactile delight to myself and hopefully to others.

The concept less is more really does not seem to apply when I am involved in a project. If there is a longwinded, complicated, time consuming way to produce something then I will find it and grab on with both hands.